Genjimon symbols

The Genjimon fonts display graphical symbols from a traditional incense game.

configure script output

Tsukurimashou configure script output, ready for a complete build.

Proof output for 氨

Proof output showing the structure of the character 氨 (U+6C28, "ammonia").

FontForge display of a dingbat glyph

"Individual Eleven" glyph.

Latin character set in Tsukuimrashou Kaku

Latin character set in Tsukuimrashou Kaku.

Mandeubsida font demo

Multiple styles of Mandeubsida Korean-language fonts.

Tsukurimashou font demo

Multiple styles of Tsukurimashou Japanese-language fonts.

idsgrep command-line utility with -c indent

The -c indent option to IDSgrep pretty-prints dictionary entries to show their structure.

idsgrep command-line utility with different -c values

Various -c values display dictionary entries in different formats.

Tsukurimashou Kaku PS weight demo

Range of font weights in Tsukurimashou Kaku PS.

Structural query for 猫

Exact-match for 猫 (cat) and structural query to match similar characters, with colour pretty-printing of the results.

Structural queries for 男 and 女

Structural queries for various characters that are or contain 男 (man) or 女 (woman).

Online query for 通

Online demo of IDSgrep, here showing the structure and dictionary results for 通.